Our Equipment

Our training gym provides full equipment options for your one on one personal training needs. We provide what you need to train your clients thoroughly.

At our upper east side gym we work with the following brands of equipment: Magnum, Sportsart and Life Fitness.

  • free weights dumbbell
  • kettle ball, weight ball
  • Smith machine
  • lat pulldown machine
  • leg extension/leg curl machine
  • Mid row chest press machine
  • olympic bench press
  • back extension machine
  • rear deltoid pec fly machine
  • cable machine
  • pull up bar
  • table for stretching or massages
  • free benches
  • cardiovascular machine
  • treadmills
  • elliptical
  • exercise bike
  • plenty of yoga equipment and accessories
  • kickboxing and boxing
  • heavy bag
  • boxing accessories
  • space for you to be creative with your excercises

Legit Independent Training

Legit Independent Training
142 East 80th Street
New York, NY 10075
(917) 817-0319